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I haven’t forgotten to post here, it’s just been awhile as I’ve been a bit embarrassed because I wasn’t making the strides that I had hoped to in the past few months (although this goes completely against why I started this). It’s very hard to explain, but sometimes I just find it difficult to sit down and write stuff for my PhD – this is a very strange thing to try understand (most people constantly just saying “why don’t you just write it”) but thankfully after some consultation with other PhD students in my position I find they have the same difficulties at times.

I’m after two great meetings with my supervisors, and something that has stuck in my head is what one of them said: “It’s difficult to do because its a change in behaviour that is needed, and this involves telling people “no” and possibly affecting relationships along the way”. This has just stuck with me, and I’ve been looking at the way I have been doing things during the weeks and it used to annoy me that while I wasn’t wasting my time drinking, I was wasting it by doing nothing most of the time and seeing the days pass by quickly.

Realising this need for a change in behaviour might sound obvious but until someone actually says it to you, it can be difficult to motivate yourself. I now question what I’m doing if I see time passing quickly and work not being done. I now punish myself if I don’t get the required work done for the week, i.e. can’t go to that cool event with my friends as the work hasn’t be done. Crucially I now say no to people (unless I have the work done).

While it may seem from all of that, that I have nothing written I am happy to say this is not the case. I have split my PhD document up into sections so I will give word counts for each of these and I will continue to give a total word count too even though that won’t start going up again until I start adding the separated parts in.

The sections are split up into Design Science, Social Media Characteristics, and Collaborative Learning Characteristics. I’m currently working on the Design Science section and starting to really enjoy it as I see a lot of potential, especially the model in the image below which I think could be a really nice paper if I develop it properly.

Design Science Framework

Design Science Word Count

Design Science Word Count

Collaborative Learning Characteristics Word Count

Collaborative Learning Word Count

Social Media Characteristics Word Count

Social Media Word Count

PhD Word Count

My PhD Wordcount

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