IS Academic Jobs

Provided below is a collated list of academic jobs available in the IS community generated from the AIS World mailing list. The list contains academic job opportunities from all grades for universities around the world, and is updated weekly.

To use the list effectively, you can follow these steps:

  1. Signup to the AIS World mailing list
  2. Download the excel file
  3. Look for jobs that appeal to you
  4. When you find one, take the “AIS Volume” number, and the “Topic” number and look them up in your received mails from AISWorld
  5. Alternatively you can look them up in the AISWorld Archive, although sometimes they do not match up (issue with AISWorld)
  6. As you go through the list you can mark in if you have contacted the University, if they responded, and if you have applied for the position

Microsoft Excel LogoIS Academic Jobs 19/06/2017

Some Notes

  • If a post says “ongoing until filled”, or doesn’t state the closing date for applications, it is put down as “Ongoing”
  • Positions are removed once their closing date is passed, but if it is marked as “Ongoing” it will be kept for up to six months after it was posted