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Lately I have found everything around me to just be too much of a distraction – from my phone buzzing, to reddit making me procrastinate more than ever. I’ve tried working in new environments to help clear my mind, but every time I found these distractions still invaded my ability to think – that constant connection. So after a few dry weeks of writing, I felt it was necessary to try something different. After a discussion with a colleague, I decided to start leaving my phone at home, but reddit, and the rest of the internet¬†was still there to distract. After a discussion with someone else, I decided to try something I hadn’t done in years – start writing my Ph.D. with pen and paper.

IMAG0748 IMAG0749

This has appeared to work rather brilliantly at the moment – I can go anywhere I want, without that constant connection, and just write down the thoughts in my head. The process allows me to write my sections out, and then when I go to type them up into my Word document, it allows me to rethink and rewrite the ideas I had written down. There is just something of a relief from the fear of writing in a Word document and not seeing the document filling out, to just blissfully writing in a copy book.

Alas, there is  still a chance for a word count as I managed to get some of the sections written up this evening.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 21.07.55

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