I’m currently working on:

Citizen Scientists in the Classroom: Investigating the Role of Online Citizen Science in Primary School Science Education (read more here).

Can video narratives improve the accessibility of design science research for practitioners?

  • Video narratives are becoming increasingly popular on websites to share information
  • We are looking at whether introducing video narratives of DSR articles can make them more accessible to practitioners

Why aren’t IS academics practicing what they preach when it comes to social media?

  • Social media papers in IS suggest its about connections, interactions, and conversations
  • Yet few IS researchers, or publishers, are actually using social media to promote themselves, and their research

I want to work on (let me know if you want to get involved too):

Interactive research articles in information systems

  • There have been calls to make IS articles more interactive but few have made the move
  • This suggests we don’t yet know what would be useful and/or effective, providing an opportunity for such knowledge

Is my phone listening to me?

  • From talking to numerous people over the last few months, and coming across articles such as this, its becoming a common theme that people think there phone is listening to their conversations
  • I would like to investigate this further, and try to understand if this is occurring